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Bangladesh has many daily newspapers, online portals, TV channels, and magazines. Prothom Alo, Bangladesh Pratidin, Jugantor, Kaler Kantho, Daily Inqilab, The Daily Ittefaq, Naya Diganta, Samakal, The Daily Star, Daily Manab Zamin, and Daily Janakantha are the most popular daily national Bangla newspapers in Bangladesh and for abroad living Bengali peoples. Besides, there are available,, Jagonews24, Bangladesh Journal, Daily Bangladesh, Bangla Tribune, DMP News and Barta24 Bangla online news portals. And also you can watch Bangladeshi largest popular TV channel news (Somoy News, Rtv, NTV, Channel I, Channel 24, News 24, Ekushey TV, Jamuna TV) or read news from their online portal.

The most popular Daily Bangla Newspapers online versions are collected in this webpage list. Here is a list of daily Bangladeshi newspapers' websites. Most of them are produced in Bangladesh's capital city of Dhaka. The majority of the Bangla Dainik Patrika (বাংলা দৈনিক পত্রিকা) is available online. You can find the most recent updates on Bangla news 24 hours a day from the most well-known bd news sources, including Prothom Alo, Bangladesh Pratidin, Jugantor, The Daily Star, The Daily Ittefaq, Kaler Kantho, Daily Inqilab, Manab Zamin, Janakantha, Desh Rupantor, Jaijai Din, Bhorer Kagoj, Manob Kantha, and others. People who speak Bengali may learn a lot and keep up with the latest news and events around the globe by reading Bangla newspapers. A fantastic habit that may offer a lot of educational value is reading the newspaper.

It provides information on home and international affairs, politics, the economy, culture, information technology, health, sports, crime, business, industry, trade, and commerce, as well as entertainment, lifestyle, and special reports. The most read daily newspaper in Bangladesh is Daily Prothom Alo. The daily newspaper from Bangladesh with the biggest circulation is Bangladesh Pratidin. And it just costs 5 Tk. Although Prothom Alo offers a paid subscription for their online e-paper edition, several other newspapers, including Bangladesh Pratidin, Jugantor, The Daily Ittefaq, Kaler Kantho, Daily Inqilab, Manab Zamin, Samakal, and Naya Diganta, allow free access to their online e-paper (print version).

Online Bangla Newspapers: All BD news portals are available on this page as a collection (list) of online newspapers in Bangladesh. Get the most recent update info on Bangla news 24 hours a day from the most read online Bangla newspapers: JagoNews24, BDNews24, BanglaNews24, DhakaPost, BD24live, NewsBangla24, Business Standard, RisingBD, and BanglaTribune, among others.

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A complete list of local (regional-district) Bangla newspapers published throughout the 8 (Eight) areas among these are Dhaka, Chattogram, Barishal, Khulna, Sylhet, Rajshahi, Rangpur, and Mymensingh. The finest resource for finding out about local companies, events, and people is a local newspaper. A local or regional newspaper covers a specific area and is crucial to the local communities. The latest news from Bangladesh's 64 (Sixty Four) district was released.

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Newspapers give broad knowledge and information. Newspapers publish information on a country's economy, sports, games, entertainment, trade, and business. Reading the newspaper is a positive habit that has been ingrained in modern life. Reading the newspaper keeps you informed. Newspapers are very significant in society. They function as a tool for molding ideas, a venue for public discussion and debate, and a means of protecting and informing the public about wrongdoing.

According to the Information Minister's revelation in the National Parliament in January 2018, 3,025 registered print media in Bangladesh, with 1,191 of them being daily newspapers. Today, we'll look at the history first and then the importance of Bangladeshi newspapers.

What is Bangla Newspaper?

Bangladesh has the world's eighth-biggest population. Many individuals are interested in reading Bangla newspaper both on the internet or offline. Bangla newspaper, TV channel news, internet portal news, and Bangla magazine sites are becoming increasingly popular among Bengalis.

There are dozens of Bangla newspapers & news portals in Bangladesh continually updating the most recent news and information. Prothom Alo, Bangladesh Pratidin, Jugantor, Kalerkantho, Ittefaq, Samakal, Manab Zamin and Daily Janakantha are the best Bangla newspapers and are widely trusted daily newspapers (print edition). Some of those are also providing the same news on their digital platform called e-portal.

Importance of Reading Newspapers

Newspaper perusing is an incredible practice that might bring a ton of instructive worth. It communicates news about governmental issues, the economy, amusement, sports, business, industry, exchange, and trade. This training won't just expand your general information yet will likewise further develop your language capacities and dialect. Numerous people are so familiar with perusing day-by-day papers that their days appear to be deficient without getting an early morning paper.

Let's find out the importance of reading newspapers:

Updated News

Newspapers disseminate global news. The newspaper is the most powerful communication instrument in today's world. It can disseminate information all around the world in a matter of minutes. It is the finest way to connect with the rest of the world. It teaches us about everything. A daily newspaper will provide you with up-to-date news daily.

Job opportunity

While most job searchers utilize the internet to locate work, not everyone has direct access to the internet. A newspaper ad may be viewed at any time and from any location, making it extremely handy for job hunters. Candidates can locate your ad in newspapers at their leisure, which allows for qualified and interested applications.

Business Scope

Newspaper advertising has long been a successful approach to advertising a business, owing to the large audience that many newspapers have. Companies will target a narrow set of individuals interested in their products or services through local media with a small circulation.

Improve Vocabulary & Learning Skills

There is a section of one page of the newspaper with numerous helpful games such as Sudoku, puzzles, riddles, tongue twisters, etc. These forms of mind games aid in the development of children's vocabulary.

Students' vocabulary grows when they read newspapers daily and acquire new terms. They can make a note of them and their meanings. A good vocabulary aids in the preparation of good essays and tasks for tests.

Sustain Democracy

Newspapers guarantee that individuals make responsible, educated decisions rather than behaving rashly or erroneously. Second, information performs a "checking role" by ensuring that elected officials respect their oaths of office and carry out the views of the people who elected them.

Up to Date News for Politics

A human being is a social being. To live happily and comfortably in society, he must be informed about what is going on across the world while sitting in the corner of the house.

We can stay informed about everything by reading the newspaper. It will be simple for those who follow it daily. Newspapers provide information on the politics of both national and international.

Research Work

Students at schools and universities are required to conduct extensive studies and work on academic assignments. And to do so, they must seek various thoughts, innovations, and a superior design. As a result, a newspaper is useful information on various issues since it discusses current research.

Not just ideas but also news about various discoveries, launches, and establishments are published in newspapers, which are quite useful in concealing up initiatives.

Daily Activities

Reading the newspaper every day is a terrific habit that delivers a lot of educational value. It contains a wealth of information on what is going on globally and what is going on in the country, town, and surrounding places. In reality, we obtain all vital information through the medium of the newspaper.

Top 10 Bangla Newspapers

#1. The Daily Prothom Alo

The Daily Prothom Alo was established in Dhaka, Bangladesh, in 1998. This newspaper's publisher and editor is journalist Matiur Rahman. It is the most popular and well-known newspaper on both online and physical channels. Every day, between six to eleven lakh individuals from the United States and other countries, read our newspaper online.

#2. Bangladesh Pratidin

Bangladesh Pratidin is the most widely circulated daily newspaper in Bangladesh, created in 2010 in Dhaka. The editor of this publication is Mr. Naim Nizam, a well-known journalist in Bangladesh, and the publisher is Moynal Hossain Chowdhury. Every day, almost 5, 53 300 copies are printed.

#3. The Daily Jugantor

Jugantor was published as part of the Jamuna Group in February 1999. It is a daily Bengali newspaper for Bengalis. Jamuna Group Limited, a printing and publishing firm publishes and prints this newspaper. Because they own these publications, Jamuna Media Ltd. oversees the administrative activities of this newspaper.

#4. Kaler Kontho

The Daily Kaler Kontho is part of the Bashundhara Group and is based in Bashundhara Baridhara Dhaka, Bangladesh. They constantly deliver accurate news, and as a result, they have earned a top-tier status in Bangladesh. It is also one of today's most widely circulated dailies.

#5. The Daily Ittefaq

Ittefaq began its path independently after the liberation battle in 1971. As a newspaper, they were crucial throughout the liberation fight. Mr. Moulana Abdul Hamid khan Vasani, the founder, founded it in 1953. As a result, it was the oldest and most well-known newspaper in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

#6. The Daily Janakantha

Janakantha, one of Bangladesh's most popular newspapers, was started in February 1993. It is a component of the Shilpa Paribar because they own this publication. They produced over 2 75,000 copies of people's laments, desires, and sufferings every day. They also provide their services online.

#7. The Daily Samakal

In 2005, the Daily Samakal launched with the goal statement "Of Present Age." It is a subsidiary of the Ha-Meem Group and Times Media Limited, and it also prints its copies. Golam Sarwar, a great journalist, edits Samakal. Although the newspaper is published daily as a broadsheet, it also has an online presence.

#8. The Daily Naya Diganta

The Daily Naya Diganta was established in 2004 by distributer writer Shamsul Huda and proofreader columnist Alamgir Mohiuddin under the pennant of "A New Day." It is a notable Bengali morning paper in the nation, positioning among the main ten papers in Bangladesh.

#9. Bhorer Kagoj

The Daily Bhorer Kajog is the best Bengali-language paper in Bangladesh, first distributed in 1992 in Dhaka. They started their journey with the motto "Reverberations of free-living." It covers all forms of news, including entertainment, sports, media coverage, sadness, joys, and so on. They also provide their services through printing and online.

#10. Manab Zamin

Manab Zamin is a day-by-day paper that started distribution in Bengali in 1997 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is a daily newspaper in Dhaka. It is the country's most generally coursed Bengal newspaper paper. They likewise offer their administrations through printing and on the web. It is Bangladesh's first newspaper-designed paper. This distribution has procured a prestigious status and is respected among the best in the country.

History of Newspapers in Bangladesh

Journalism as we know it now emerged in Europe in the seventeenth century. However, due to colonial circumstances, it originated in Bengal before many other Asian countries. In January 1780, James Augustus Hicky launched the history of modern journalism in Bengal by publishing Hicky's Bengal Gazette, a weekly periodical in Calcutta. The journal announced itself as a "weekly political and business periodical available to all parties but influenced by none."

Bangladeshi newspaper first appears in undivided India about 1818. This year, many Bangla newspapers were issued: the Bengal Gazette (published in Calcutta), Digdarshan (published in Calcutta), and Samachar Darpan (published in Calcutta) (published from Sreerampore). The Bengal Gazette is reported to have been the first to be published, followed by the Samachar Darpan and Digdarshan. In 1818, the Samachar Darpan, the first Bangla newspaper, was published by Sreerampore. It is the first weekly publication from Dhaka. The Dacca News first appeared in 1856. The Dhaka Prakash, a long-running journal, was founded in 1861, and the Dhaka Darpan in 1863. (Source: Banglapedia)

News reporting as a profession took a new direction around the turn of the twentieth century. Nationalist agitation, the growth of Muslim nationalism, World War I, World War II, and the advent of representative government, among other factors, contributed to a significant increase in the demand for newspaper publishing and reading in this region. The partition of Bengal in 1947, with the foundation of Pakistan and India, and the emergence of Dhaka as the capital of East Bengal (East Pakistan), were key elements in the growth of journalism in Eastern journalism Bengal. Following the formation of Pakistan, a large number of owners/publishers and editors relocated from East Bengal to India. As a result, there was a void in Pakistan's newly formed eastern half (East Pakistan).

We discovered that no newspaper was published from Dhaka at the time. The primary newspapers in Dhaka were the Daily Azad, Ittihad, and Morning News, among others, and they were published from Kolkata. In terms of political realities, those publications shifted to Dhaka within a year or two. Then, from Dhaka, publications like Ittefaq, Sangabad, Pakistan Observer, and others emerged, still regarded as the country's pioneer newspapers (The Bangladesh Observer was declared closed in June 2010).

Although journalism in Bangladesh is still confronting and going through certain instability and turbulences, there is no question that it has grown with adequate professionalism in this nation.

Final Verdict

Reading the newspaper is a habit that many people look forward to at the start of the day. It is a beneficial pastime since it provides you with a quick glimpse into what is going on in the world and includes a lot of informative columns and adverts that attract customers.

Overall, the newspaper is a vital part of our society. We must maintain it secure and use it correctly. That is how we will have the most influence on our society.

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